30 Short Crochet Hairstyles For Black Women 2020

by Sheryl
Short Crochet Hairstyles

Do you want to change your current hair style with short crochet hairstyles this year? You want a classic hairstyle with the curls and the braids, but you are a modern woman and you haven’t got the time to maintain long hair and spend a couple of days having it braided or twisted into that perfect look. If you have short hair but occasionally want that distinctive look, then crochet hair extensions are the answer.

Your hairstylist can thread in the crochet hair extension to give you the head of hair you dream of, in a couple of hours in the salon. You get excellent volume and stunning natural or vibrant colors. The look is easy to maintain but you will want to pamper your head by avoiding excessive friction and wear by wrapping up in a scarf at night.

Which Short Crochet Hairstyles You Like the Most?

1. The Natural Curl

The Natural Curl

Using loose curls and natural-looking hair gives you the look of everyday hair that you wash and go, but without the high maintenance. These naturally colored hair extensions are neither a tight curl nor a loose wave, but perfectly lively.

2. Why not opt for a deep red?

Deep Red Short Crochet Hairstyles

Take a crochet hair extension with a larger curl and a lovely ombre red and you can adopt a big volume style but without the weight.

3. Go for blonde highlights without the bleach

Blonde Highlights Short Crochet

A lovely way to experience all the fun of being blonde with crochet extensions meaning you don’t have to bleach your hair or grow it out when you want a different shade.

4. Laidback curls as if you had just released your hair from a braid

Laid Back Curly Crochet Braid Out

You can combine the look of newly unbraided hair with its large tight curls with a stylish tapered cut for that authentic look with crochet braid out extensions.

5. Large Curls

Chunky Short Crochey

A chunky short crochet hair extension will give you large luscious curls. If you want to keep this hairstyle looking its best, you need to coil the curls up and secure them with a pin and a dab of styling cream for overnight.

6. Purple and black are a fabulous combination

Purple and black

You can experiment with some exciting colors with crochet curls and find out what suits you best. These curls are only 7” long but your stylist will use them to produce incredible volume.

7. Layered and Curly Crochet Hair

Layered and Curly Crochet Hair

For a modern look select wavy crochet hair extensions and a beautiful tapered cut to give you ahead of hair with extra bounce and body.

8. The Lob

The Brazilian Crochet Lob

The Brazilian Crochet Lob is the bob’s better-looking cousin. It’s a simple style with less heavy volume and it compliments all face types.

9. Medium Curly Crochet

Medium Curly Crochet

Picture the impact of a perm on 3B (medium-thick and curly) hair and you can see the curl type.  You get spring curl hair positioned midway between your chin and your shoulders – smart and stylish.

10. Well defined Short Curls

Well defined Short Curls

Thread these crochet curls into your hair and you are good to go. The style is simple and there is an excellent range of colors.

11. Asymmetrical Bob.

Asymmetrical Bob

An angular asymmetrical bob cut looks fabulous with crochet hair that is gently waved instead of tightly curled.

12. Neat Layered Style with Crochet Curls.

Neat Layered Style with Crochet Curls

Cutting the threaded crochet hair extensions into a layered style gives you a smart office look with the hair kept off your shoulders.

13. Try out a Bang for Size.

short crochet with bangs

A crochet hair extension lets you try out a new design like a bang, without cutting your hair. Does that bang look alright with curly hair? Curly-haired bangs are stupendous – try one out and see if you enjoy wearing your hair that way.

14. Short and Asymmetric.

Short Asymmetric Chocolate Crochey

You have a short, tapered afro, now you want to move on and try something different. This chocolate colored crochet hair can style into a lot of curly volume at the top of your head — the perfect way to start the growing out process.

15. Cute and Short.

Cute Short Fro Crochet Afro

A crochet afro that gives a fresh, light short style with cute little bangs is fun to wear to work or play.

16. Perm Rod-Style Crochet Braids

Perm Rod-Style Crochet Braids

If you like that tight permed look but don’t fancy the chemicals and the heat, then this is the perfect answer to obtaining that high volume close curly hair.

17. Twist Out Crochet Braids

Twist Out Crochet Braids

Another style that consumes hours if using your hair, but it can be achieved quickly with crochet braids.

18. Blonde Crochet Braid Out

Blonde Crochet Braid Out

You have bleached or colored hair and you are ready to grow it out – these hair extensions will blend in until you have enough dark roots to swap to a more natural look. Or you might like being blonde and fabulous.

19. High-Top Crochet Twists

High-Top Crochet Twists

Who says you can’t have twists with a short hairstyle? Nonsense, of course you can – if you have a little help.


20. Kinky Crocheted Hair

Kinky Crocheted Hair

A short and flirty style with natural-looking kinky hair is quick to achieve and wear.

21. High Top Fade Crochet Hair

High Top Fade Crochet Hair

You can obtain a classy two-color effect by mixing tight blonde curls with darker ones.

22. Tight Kinky Curls

Tight Kinky Curls

This fabulous short kinky crochet braid gives you tight corkscrew curls in a flirty short cut.

23. Short Crochet Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

Short Crochet Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

These soft curls with highlights are perfect for a classic bob with a comb-over style to showcase the blonde glints.

24. Short Curly Bob

Short Curly Bob

Short curly crochet hair extensions look smart when trimmed into a classic bob shape, all that springy volume and bounce.

25. Old Gold Crochet Curls

Old Gold Crochet Curls

Beautiful dark gold curly hair teams with darker skin in a natural and classy way – tempted to dye your hair? Try your color for a few months and decide if it suits you.

26. Finger Coils Crochet

Finger Coils Crochet

These short curls are stunning, fuller at the base and tapering to the tip. They look as if someone has spent days teasing them into that perfect shape.

27. Large Defined Curls Crochet

Large Defined Curls Crochet

Fabulous fat curls that look as if you spent days in wide diameter rollers.

28. Short Crochet Twist

Short Crochet Twist

Another fantastic unique curl with a twist — a cross between a coil and a braid and very natural looking.

29. Short Silver Crochet

Short Silver Crochet

Time gives us all grey hair, but you can opt to try it out with this crochet hairstyle. Grey is not only for the old, curly silver hair is elegant and stylish.

30. Braid Out Crochet Waves

Braid Out Crochet Waves

You can obtain that fabulous wavy hair that happens when you take the braids out. A short flirty style that complements any outfit from casual to formal.

We like to try out new hairstyles, colors and cuts, but it can be time-consuming to wait for natural hair growth and the styles can be high maintenance. Crochet hair extensions let you try out plenty of different cuts, styles and colors so you can try out wild experiments without risking your hair.

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