25+ Short Hairstyles for Fat Faces and Double Chins

by Sheryl
short hairstyles for fat faces and double chins

Need inspiration for Short Hairstyles for Fat Faces and Double Chins? All face types are beautiful with the right haircut that reflects your style. A different style or color can transform a basic cut like a pixie or a bob.

Some Short Haircuts for Fat Faces and Double Chins

The Crop

This hair cut is super-short and for a round face you need to add texture and interest to provide the illusion that the look is longer and thinner — the perfect cut to draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones.

1. Short Choppy Hairstyles

Short Choppy Hairstyles


Frame the face with a short choppy style where the bangs start at the crown.

2. Layer The Crop

Short Layered Hairstyle with Baby Bangs

add stunning blonde color and jazz up the bangs with an asymmetric cut.

3.  Feathered Crop Pixie

Feathered Crop Pixie

Feather cut to add texture and style the longer strands in different orientations to catch the eye. The hair form sparkles with dazzling highlights.

4.  Short Curly Haircut

Short Curly Haircut

Texture and volume with a mass of curls on the top of the head, while the sides are kept short and smooth.

5. Very Short Blonde Hair

very short blonde hair

Short and choppy or extra short – however you cut your crop you want choppy layers.

6. Short Cropped Hairstyles

short cropped hairstyles

Enhance your short hair with different shades – pastel or vibrant unnatural shades that draw attention to your style.

7.  Very Short Sides Haircut

Super Short Sides

Rock the look with extra long layers on top sculpted into a punk rock mini Mohican – but messed up. Add a hint of pink and prepare to own any room. 

8.  Very Short Hairstyles for Women

Very Short Hairstyles for Women

If you don’t like your natural color, then team your stylish crop with any color that suits your skin tone and eyes.

The Pixie Cut

The Pixie cut is a variation of the crop – it is shorter on the back and sides, longer on the top and has very short bangs hairstyles for fat women. The iconic pixie cut worn by the glamorous Audrey Hepburn in “Roman Holiday”. This attractive cut favored by today’s celebrities is simple to maintain and fuss-free.

1. Short Pixie Cuts

Short Pixie Cuts

Utilize undercutting to enhance the hair height of the top layers. Team the hair cut with some attention-grabbing glasses for that studious urchin look.

2.  Pixie Haircut with Highlight and Lowlights

Pixie Haircut with Highlight and Lowlights

Team your pixie cut with long thick darker tones on a blonde base and make sure your bangs are long and smooth.

3.  Pixie cuts with super short bangs

Pixie cuts with super short bangs

Go for the classic “Audrey” look with short bangs. This cut is exceptional with darker hair colors.

4.  Blonde Pixie Hair

Blonde Pixie Hair

Add an eye-catching ginger shade, spectacular glasses and a subtle wave to the top layers.

5.  Shaggy Bob Haircut

shaggy bob haircut

Ask your hairstylist to make jagged cuts to give you choppy bangs and textured layers.

6.  Blonde Pixie Cuts

Blonde Pixie Cuts

A layered pixie cut looks fabulous with blonde hair.

7. Mauve Highlights Pixie Cut

Mauve Highlights Pixie Cut

All hair colors draw extra attention with a feathered pixie cut giving an updated texture and look.

8.  Platinum Silver Pixie

Platinum Silver Pixie

Go a step further by employing the feathered cut on platinum blonde and choppy layers.

9. Pixie Haircuts with Bangs

Pixie Haircuts with Bangs

It is still a pixie cut with a little extra length overall but especially on the bangs.

10.  Pixie Long Bangs

Pixie Long Bangs

This time go for a grey ombre shade and have extra-long bangs that are swept artistically to one side of your face.

11. Dark Red Pixie Cut

Dark Red Pixie Cut

Your basic pixie cut is tapered and sleek, now add an eye-popping color like ruby red or bright turquoise.

The Classic Bob for Round Face

Short hairstyles for chubby faces has many different names and styles. The simple bob cut leaves all the hair at the same length, with or without bangs. Then you can mix it up by cutting one side shorter than the other – the asymmetric bob. You can snip the front higher than the back and get the classic pageboy. You can chop the rear to be higher than the front and get the A-line.

Then you have all the variations of texture and waves. For a round face soft waves and textures are more flattering than tight curls. Asymmetric and choppy cuts add interest and if you team them with colors to match your style then you end up with an outstanding and flattering statement.

1. Short Wavy Hairstyle for Round Face

Short Wavy Hairstyle for Round Face

Short softly wavy hair suits all colors and flatters the rounder face.

2. Short Bob with Highlights

short bob with highlights

A black chin-length bob with highlights tinging the bottom of the hair gives a rounder face a classic look.

3. Platinum Blonde Short Inverted Choppy Bob

Platinum Blonde Short Inverted Choppy Bob

Take a chin-length cut and combine it with a combover for a thoroughly modern style.

4. Turquoise Highlights in Black Hair

Turquoise Highlights in Black Hair

If you have an asymmetric bob cut, team it with a glossy Turquoise Highlights

5. Blonde Balayage Bob Hairstyles

Blonde Balayage Bob Hairstyles

Achieve the illusion of natural hair color by pairing a balayage blonde with a classic bob.

6. Peach Blonde Hair

Peach Blonde Hair

Ring the changes with an unusual color like peach or apricot.

7. Turquoise Bob Haircut

Turquoise Bob Haircut

Achieve a more dramatic color effect by retaining dark roots with turquoise hair giving a bold visual statement.

8. Caramel And Chocolate Balayage Bob

Caramel And Chocolate Balayage Bob

A combination of soft waves, brunette balayage and a razor cut bob is delightfully romantic with a hidden edge.

9. Gray Bob Hairstyles for Round Faces

gray bob hairstyles for round faces

Natural or dyed grey hair has a youthful appearance with the addition of a gentle wave giving the impression of breeze tousled hair.

10.  Chin Length Wavy Hair

Chin Length Wavy Hair

The faintest hint of waves lifts a razor-cut bob into a pretty style.

11. Ombre Bob Hairstyles

Ombre Bob Hairstyles

Invert the bob cut and add some new layers for a more voluminous appearance to your hair.

12. Choppy bob with White Color

Choppy bob with White Color

Give white hair a futuristic appearance with an angled bob, add some choppy cuts for extra texture.

13. Wavy Bob with Long Bangs

Wavy Bob with Long Bangs

If you have thin hair, then add long bangs to the classic bob cut and enhance with waves.

14. Pixie Bob With Feathered Crown

Stacked Pixie Bob With Feathered Crown

You can also enhance thicker hair with waves, deep bangs and a classic chin-length cut.

15. Messy Bob Hairstyles

Messy Bob Hairstyles

If you like the just gotten out of bed and finger-combed hair look, then team it with a classic bob cut.

16. Short Bob Hairstyles with Mauve

Short Bob Hairstyles with Mauve

Brown hair is classic and beautiful in a simple bob but try other colors like mauve and pink.

17. Orange A Line Haircut

Orange A Line Haircut

If you like a bolder color choice, try a vivid orange or ginger-red with an A-line bob.

18. Purple Bob Haircut

Purple Bob Haircut

An inverted bob cut enhances more exotic color choices like dark purple or turquoise highlights.

19. Chin Length Bob Hairstyles

Chin Length Bob Hairstyles

All the hair colors can be displayed with a twist on the classic bob style with longer bangs and a comb-over to change the shape.

When you are choosing your next hairstyle to flatter your round face select a classic cut like a crop, pixie or bob and then mess around. Add textured choppy cuts or feathering, have some parts longer than the other and enjoy the stunning range of colors and shades available. Your hair cut and style lets you enjoy the freedom of self-expression and you should love wearing it.

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