30+ Long, Medium & Short Hairstyles for Women Over 70

by Sheryl

It’s tough to find a fun and exciting Short Hairstyles for Women Over 70, right? Well, actually… that’s absolutely wrong! Spice up your life with these glamorous hairstyles!

Great Short Hairstyles for for Women Over 70 Ideas

All About Those Bobs haircuts for 70 year old woman

1. Blowout Bob Hairstyle

Blowout Bob

This is simpler than it looks! Just roll your hair outwards with a round brush while blow drying your hair at the same time. Simple yet stylish.

2. Classic Bob Hairstyles

Classic Bob

It’s so simple, yet it’s classy at the same time. The classic bob truly gives that lush and bouncy look.

3. Chin-Length Bob

Chin-Length Bob

All you’ll need to do is grow your hair out to chin-length. And use some soft curls with velcro rollers to take care of business.

4. Wind-Swept Bob

Wind-Swept Bob

This short bob can really work some wonders. It looks great when it’s messy. It looks amazing with thin and thick hair.

5. Layered Classic Bob

Layered Classic Bob

Adding layers to your bob can do justice for your face. Layers draw attention to wide cheeks, and can add definition to your jaw if the bob is below the chin.

6. Neatly-Combed Bob

Neatly Combed Bob

This style truly shines. Just comb your hair with a brush that’s covered in mousse. It helps keep your hair in place.

7. Short Bob With Golden Blonde Highlights

Short Bob With Golden Blonde Highlights

There’s something so simple yet amazing about having a simple bob with soft colors over bright colors, such as gold highlights over silver.

All About Those Bangs hairstyles for seniors

8. Long Bangs

Long Bangs

Start by growing out your bangs! This draws attention away from aging spots. Add a nice bob ending near the jaw, and your face will look more slim!

9. Light Bangs

If you want to keep your old hairstyle, you can still spice it up with light bangs. Your forehead will be covered, giving your face a more-defined look. Light bangs are youthful.

10. Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bangs

This pixie cut and blunt bangs combo really does show that you can still be bold and flashy with that beautiful silver hair of yours.

11. Parted Bangs

Parted Bangs

Your natural parting will be the way that your bangs are pointed whenever you wake up. Natural will complement your face shape, but opposite parting can show volume!

12. Feathered Bangs

Feathered Bang

Styling your bangs like this won’t take much effort on your part. Feathered bangs are cut so that they can land naturally without much styling needed.

13. Side-Swept Bangs

Side-Swept Bangs

This style goes well with any hairstyle. It works by drawing attention to your eyes and cheeks. Large foreheads can be covered as well.

14. Brushed-Up Bangs

Brushed-Up Bangs

Just put some mousse on a comb, and brush that hair back. Give a simple side part to your bangs, and voila! Simple and classy as well.

15. Simple Baby Bangs

Simple Baby Bangs

Ladies, we know we don’t want to spend all day on our bangs. And we don’t have to! Simple baby bangs are quick and easy, plus they look great on any hairstyle.

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16. Big Hair

Big Hair

This hairstyle will add thickness overall. Use lots of hairspray to keep your hair in the upwards shape.

17. Blunt Lob

Blunt Lob

The blunt lob is great for those looking to keep long hair. It’s an easy style to maintain as well.

18. Poofy Hair

Poofy Hair

This style will complement your face and jaw. Just style your hair outwards and brush it close in the back.

19. Frizzy Hair

Frizzy Hair

Frizz makes that hair of yours look a lot thicker! It also adds a bit of texture. Want to amp up your style? Just add some sea salt spray!

20. Big Waves

Big Waves

Ready to add some volume to your hair? How about texture? This style will handle that for you! The fuller look also gives your face a slim appearance.

21. Classic Pixie

Classic Pixie

This simple style is very popular among older women. You won’t regret the decision of choosing this timeless classic.

22. Straight Hair

Straight Hair

This straight style is going to help you maintain that texture look. Take some time to embrace those locks!

23. Soft Mohawk

It’s time to rock and roll! Give this short pixie cut a try if you’re feeling a bit rebellious. But don’t alarm the neighbors too much!

24. Natural Curls

Natural Curls

Give your hair a good wash and let them curls shine! All the young whippersnappers use curl defining cream. You should give it a shot as well!

25. The Half Updo

The Half Updo

It’s not too difficult to accomplish this look. Just use a round brush and blowdryer to get your hair looking quite chipper.

26. The Side Swoop

The Side Swoop

This Hollywood red-carpet style is making a comeback! Just use a round brush to pull it off. Any hairstyle can go with the side swoop!

27. Slight Wavy Ends

Slight Wavy Ends

Use rollers or curlers to pull this one off. It’s going to give the impression that your hair is nice and thick.

28. Flicked-Out Sides

Flicked-Out Sides

This style is going to add plenty of texture and attention to your face. All you have to do is flick out the sides of your hair and down to the ends.

29. The Shag Haircut

Your face will look more slim with the flicked-out ends in this style! Try this look for a youthful appearance.

30. The Low Ponytail

The Low Ponytail

This timeless hairstyle is easy to get right. The only tool you need is an elastic headband. Flaunt that low ponytail with everything you’ve got.

31. Toned-Down Shag

Toned-Down Shag

This is a grown-out version of the classic shag. It won’t take much effort to pull this one off. Just do your hair as usual, and let those layers shine.

32. Brushed-Back Hair

Brushed-Back Hair

All you have to do is put some mousse in your hair, and then comb or brush it back! Your facial structure will be accentuated.

33. Classic Betty White

Classic Betty White

Good ol’ Betty White! You’ll be able to pull off this beautiful classic bob style by blow drying your hair and using a round brush.

34. The Headband Look

The Headband Look

Don’t want your hair lingering over your face? Just use a headband! It’s a cute look that gives you plenty of options in color and style.

35. Long Sideburns Pixie

Long Sideburns Pixie

All you’ll need to do is grow out your current pixie haircut for Short Hairstyles for Women Over 70. The longer sideburns will complement the frame of your face. Add some colors if you’re feeling youthful.

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